Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hiking Half Dome: Maybe Next Time Let's Train For This

So, a few of us got the Half Dome lottery to hike the cables. I have never hiked Half Dome (or climbed, yet) and always thought it would be amazing. I should preface this by saying that I am, in no way, a good hiker. Sad but true. And by not a good hiker, I mean I walk up a long staircase in the metro and I'm pretty winded. Anyway, we were stoked, the weather was beautiful, it was pretty spectacular.

We were able to get sites for a few days before the hike, so we hung out, did some fishing and just enjoyed being out of the city and in the park! I will probably post other photos later, but so I don't inundate this post with so many pictures, I will stick with a select few of the hike.

Day of the hike:

4:00am. Wake up call. Had to break camp and move sites, so we wanted to give ourselves enough time to make breakfast and all that.
5:37am. Start trailhead out of the Curry Village parking lot.
12:20pm. Summit Half Dome!
1:00pm. Descent (and the pain) begins.
6:37pm. Back to the car! Somehow we amazingly made it back in exact time.

This hike was so exhausting. I was shooting for 14 hours (to be realistic since I know I am a snail of a hiker), but we somehow got in under that, even with lunch and all the rest breaks I had to take. It was awesome, but knees, back and hips all felt like I was a 90 year old lady! I will note that there were a ton of folks at least 70 years old that were lapping us on the way up and down. HA. I even saw myself in 40 years. I was amazing.

Yep, we went there.


Jordan pointing at the ant-people.

Probably around a 45ยบ angle. I would definitely recommend wearing shoes with vibram or something that sticks. Watching people slip and struggle on the slick granite is actually somewhat terrifying, especially if they are above you. 

Nice and empty. It was kind of odd how people went up and down in waves. 

Bring lots of water. And snacks. Lots of snacks!

So close! The cables were actually the easiest part of the hike for me, climbing comes in handy!

We made it!

Not a bad view at all.

A deer getting down on some vegetation.

This guy walked down from some bushes and right in front of us, not even caring how close it was to us. Probably on its way to fish in the river across the trail. This one probably was breaking into cars or something, note the collar and ear tag.  It was super cool to see a black bear meandering in the woods but we definitely didn't want to move too much and piss it off. Bears are awesome bur also kind of scary. We had to remind some other ladies that were on the other side of us to back away from the bear walking towards them. 
This hike was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone! It is hard and you definitely might actually want to do some sort of training, especially if you are like me and have bad joints. If you are also like me and do no training before you decide to hike a really long way (much like when I decided to do Baldy), know that you can indeed make it, you just might need to bring some ibuprofen for later! If not, whiskey is also a good option. In my case, I think I did both. Cheers.


  1. Now you are ready for the East Face of Whitney.

  2. Thanks Jim! It's definitely on the list!